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Few facts on Thai Red Vein Kratom

Few facts on Thai Red Vein Kratom
Technically termed as Mitragyana Speciosa, Kratom plants are considered to be the most popular and widely recognized herbal plant found in South East Asian Countries. It is popular mainly in Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar, and Malaysia. The natives and tribes of these countries are using the plant traditionally for a long time even before the Western discovered its properties and benefits in the 19th century. There are basically two varieties of Kratom that are found that includes the white wine and red wine varieties. In different parts of Southeast Asia and the Pacific Islands, the plant is widely called by the different name that includes Thom, krathom, Keaton, calcium, it hangs, or back pack. Among all the varieties, the Thai Red Vein Kratom is very popular and here in this article we will try to highlight some facts upon this Thai Red Vein Kratom.

In this regard, it should be noted that Thai Red Vein Kratom are found mainly in Thailand along the Sumatra area. It gets its name as red wine from the noticeable red veins found on the backside of the Kratom leaf. The effect of this Thai Red Vein Kratom leave used to be very pleasant and relaxing. Compare to its green vine counterpart it is less stimulating and are used in traditional Ayurvedic treatment for treating pain, depression, etc. and used as energy boosting medium for patients. It is comparatively more long lasting than other varieties of Kratom plants. Fine quality of Thai Red Vein Kratom powder usually originates from the rainforest areas of Sumatra Island are usually lighter in Colour but having high quantities of alkaloid in it.

It should be noted that since the Kratom are harvested usually from the mature trees the alkaloid content in it is well preserved as Kratom are processed under strict guidelines and observations. As per the recent lab test it has been found that the  Thai Red Vein Kratom that are found from the Sumatra area are having higher content of nitrogen and 7-hydroxymitragynine comparable to other variety of Kratom available in the market. It has further been revealed in the test that the seven to ten doses of Thai Red Vein Kratom from Sumatra cause a very strong effect and is widely used in traditional herbal treatment for treating long lasting pain.

According to experts the Thai Red Vein Kratom are usually more soothing even if it is consumed as low dose level. Local peoples and tribes who are using this unique herbal plant are of opinion that it is very effective in treating body pain and ache and basically used as pain relief. A superior Thai Red Vein Kratom is a Thai Red Veined strain that is the living example of Rifat Thai Strain. A pure Thai Red vein Kratom used to contain .92% of mitragynine and it has been scientifically revealed through HPLC testing. As mentioned earlier also Kratom are generally harvested thoroughly by maintaining a strict guideline and harvesting is done on old grown trees than it is being washed and finally dried indoors. After drying, the leaves are de-stemmed and de-veined and then thoroughly powdered and packed securely for selling in the market.

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  1. There are many other types of kratom. like red vein, there is caapi vein which is not for human use but it is used for experiments or plant dye purpose.